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A Valentine Special with my Best/Girlfriend :icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 43 6
Character Sheet - Michal Wynn
* Name: Michal Wynn
Alias: Selina Nevermore, The Night Queen, Vampire LordLegal Status: American Citizen
Age: Michal: 25
Selina: 700Height: Michal: 5'8"
Selina: 5'5"Man-Bat Form: 6'2
Michal: Yellow
Selina: RedEyes:
Michal: Black
Seline: Red
Michal: Money, Sport, Training, Hassling, Showboating
Seline: Blood, Moonlight, Eternal Beauty, Men, Royalty
Michal: Study, Helping, Weaklings, Thomas, Bats
Selina: Sunlight, Werewolves, Garlic, Church, Silver
Family: Norman Wynn (father), Lilly Wynn (mother)Relationship Status: Single (Michal)/ Thomas Bernhard (Selina) Affiliation: Vampire Royalty
* Background:
    Michal had learn much fro
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 4 12
Elle Phantom: The Fright Before Chirstmas 3
Ten years ago, the once lavish green world was devastated and reduced unto an barren wasteland, yet it wasn't caused by the outcome of  nuclear war or an meteor strike. Instead, the one responsible for such global mayhem was in fact a powerful ghost, once formerly a hero to a small town call Amity Park, who now has brought mankind near the brink of destruction and crushed any resistant's against him. The only haven left on this ball of ashes and dust, was in fact the very same mention town, where few scientist's had used and modified the technology once belong to the decease ghost, to which they build the Ghost Shield that was design to prevent any ghosts from coming in. It took the people of Amity Park to rebuild their small town in an futuristic utopia within the next decade, to make everyone have a comfort and safe lifestyle, yet at the same time few people having been gearing themselves and trained for
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 3 3
Mature content
Don't Break (Juri TG/TF) :icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 46 4
Noctis, the Chosen King, arrive at Death Battle!

Name: Noctis Lucis Caelum
Alias: Noct, Prince, King of Power
Duty: Prince, King
Specie: Human
Gender: Male
Series: Final Fantasy XV

* Feats:
- Before he was born, he was prophecies by the spirit of his ancestors to being the Chosen King and destined to save the world, though at the cost of his life.
- Like most other Final Fantasy Character's, he is able to face against larger monsters, like Behemoth and Thunderbird.
- Fought against the Niflheim Empire Magitek Infantry, giant robots and generals.
- Began looking for his family Royals Arms, some from the story, and other hidden in tombs crawling with monsters.
- Began searching on his quest to forge a covenants with Astral gods of Eos, even had to fight some of them (expect for
Ifrit, who became an enemy and was forced to be killed).
- Noctis and his friends also fo
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 11 6
Silver-Haired Swordsmen: Prelude

Ed: There are villains who possess such interesting hair color and style, while also being the greatest, badass swordsmen with long swords.
Igo: Vergil, son of Sparda and brother of Dante in Devil May Cry.
Ed: And Sephiroth, former SOLDIER 1st Class and the One-Winged Angel of FFVII.
Igo: I'm Igo and he Ed, and together we do our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!
Vergil Sparda
Height: 6.6 feet
Age: Late 20s
Species: Half Human, Half Demon
Occupation: Seeker of Power
Origin: Devil May Cry (2001)

- Survived being attacked by bloodthirsty demons
- Was chosen to receive Yamato from his father as a keepsake
- Gained experience with the Devil Trigger long before his brother
- Awaken
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 7 25
DnD Characters: Path of Evil Profile
-1.) Toxaris
Character's Full Name: Toxaris Penthesilea
Nickname (if any): The Wrathful Queen
Motto/Quote: All shall kneel before the Amazons!
Race: Amazon
Class: Fighter>Dark Lord
Archetypes: Champion/Dominion of Destruction
Background: Exiled Ruler
Languages: Common and Giant
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Amazonia
Current residence: Mostly travel across the land, yet live within her homeland
Family: Mother-Ainippe (murdered by her sister), Father-Unknown (killed by her mother before she was born), Cousin-Clete (escape and join a secret rebel of Amazons), Younger Sister-Clyemne (held captive within her room), Aunt-Lykopis (taken over her family kingdom and Exiled her)
Date of birth: -
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 3 1
Danny Phantom: The Life of Elle Phantom (Part 2)
Late-afternoon, the young Elle Fenton and her recent return father spend the first two hours going through the crowded area of the Amity Park Aquarian. They walked side-by-side to see all kinds of sea creatures that resided within their habitants, such as eel's, manta ray's, clown fish's, dolphin's, great-white shark's, seahorse's and so many more. They even got to see the show about Audrey the Killer Whale performance, as well as getting the biggest splashes they ever had (it was their fault in sitting in the splashes zone). As the two got dry, Danny suggest to checking out the newly remolded Amity Mall, to which has replace elevators with gravity lifts, in order to get new sets of clothing's. After hours of searching for any good pairs, they used the other hour to find some meals at the food courts, though they avoid getting close to the booth that is own by the Nasty Burger 2 corporation. As the two set down, Elle could see her father sti
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 4 0
Character Sheet - Fredrick Secal
* Name: Fredrick Secal
Aliases: Uriel Weiss/ The Ice QueenLegal Status: U.S. Citizen with minor crimes of loud parties
Age: Fredrick: 25
Height: Fredrick: 5'7"
Uriel: 6'8"
Fredrick: Brown
Uriel: WhiteEyes:
Fredrick: Brown
Uriel: Blue
Fredrick: Parties, Free Spirit, Women, Roleplaying Game, Indulgence 
Uriel: Study, Hunting, Self-Superiority, Lone Wolf, Dominatrix, Clarence (Lover)   Dislikes:
Fredrick: Uriel, Losing Control, Conflict, Seriousness, Study
Uriel: Fredrick, Gluttony, Wastefulness, Monsters, Human's with Lower IQ to HerselfFamily: Mr. Gillmor E. Secal (Father), Mrs. Penelope A. Secal (Mother), Marvin G. Secal (Grandfather), Marcus H. Secal (Uncle)Relationship Status: Single (Fredrick)/ Clarence (Uriel)<strong>
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 1 13
Danny Phantom: The Life of Elle Phantom (Part 1)
It has been ten years since the tragic incident of the old Nasty Burger destruction, that have claim the live of those who were caught by the explosion. Ten years since Vlad Master mansion exploded and out came a great evil that would bring the world down to ruins. Ten years that humanity is close to be extinct, with only Amity Park the only city left in the world, thanks to the Ghost Shield that is the only thing keeping them safe from the great evil, Danny Phantom. Years pass since than, as Amity Park has move on into the future, their structures and home remodeled to match with the futurist lifestyles. Old used of oil have been remove from their now solar-power flying vehicles, while everything electrical such as TV or cellphone or wireless and free for everyone. Meanwhile, the city protector, Valeria Gray, as help watch over the city and the Ghost Shield with the help of her father, while also being skill in facing al
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 7 0
Witness the rise of the Bright Lord on DB!

Name: Talion/Celebrimbor (Sharing a body together)
Alias: Gravewalker, Ranger, Tark, the Bright Lord, Lord of Minas Morgul
Duty: Captain of the Rangers of Gondor (former)
Specie: Men/Half-Wraith/Nazgul
Gender: Male
Series: Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor/War

* Feats:
- Forge the new Ring of Power.
- Aided the Gondorians to protected the city, though at the end lost it.
- Just like the last game, h
ad been slaying and killing dozen of grunt Uruk's and Olog-Hai, despite always being outnumber most of the time.
- Battle against the like of both Captains and Warchiefs, and this time even fought against an Overlord.
- With the new Ring of Power, had gather an army and lay sieged on four different fortress, and later on owning them.

- With the aid of Carnen the Forest God, Talion fought against the Balrog "Tar Goroth", and
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 14 0
The Legend of the White Reaper: Part 2
Ten Months Later:
As the next three months pass by, the sighting of monsters in the forest have been growing more at a unusual rate, though most of them end up being slay by Oscar and his wraith Brandon. But at the dead of night, Oscar in his "White Reaper" form hides on top of a tree branches as a new kind of monsters have just enter the forest. Just ten minutes ago he was doing his usual hunt of any zombies or monsters, yet he could see lights that were moving within the forest. Jumping from tree to the other, Oscar followed the light that lead back to the cave that held the stone Golem within. The light soon reveals itself as a modified truck, as five men walked out to check out the cave. Position himself above the tree, Oscar was quite shock to see humans checking out the cave that used to be the Golem home.
"I don't believe this...these people knew where they are going, so that mean that they must have known about the Golem. This could
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 2 0
The Legend of the White Reaper: Part 1
Rising out from bed, Oscar began his usual routine of cleaning out his bedroom, brushing his teeth and picking himself fine clothing to go out. As he walk out from his room and traveling down the stairs, he reach toward the kitchen and begin taking out different foods and ingredients needed to make breakfast for his mother. Although he wouldn't needed to do that, as his family one of the wealthiest people of Murrow Wood and has few maids and a cook to do it, yet he chose to do it cause he wanted to support his mom. His mother, Louis Bernhard, has been working hard due to her job as chairman and owner of the corporation, the Night-Moth Foundation, that she doesn't have the time to even have a moment to relax. And things have getting harder for her, since  few months ago her daughter Mariel has been hospitalize with an unknown disease that is slowing killing her. Most time, she come only late at night and then has to leave early in the morning
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 4 0
Mature content
The Birth of Anarchy (Venom Symbiote TG/TF) :icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 170 32
Danny Phantom: The Life and Legecy of Abigail
Twenty years ago, Vlad Master was a gifted scientist in his time during college, along with his crush Maddie and his rather 'annoying' friend Jack. The three used to be rather close (despite Vlad dislike of Jack behavior), till during one experiment Jack irrational active one of their project that end up injuring him badly to the point that he was place in the hospital for seven years with a fatal condition known as "Ecto Acne". That accident end up ruining his life and the chance to ever reveal his love to Maddie, however the tragedy had also left behind a high radiation of ecto energies, to which resulted him to being a powerful half-ghost. From the next few years, he slowly build up his statues one of the world billionaire, though in truth he has been using his ghost power to take from the riches. Yet even with all the riches in his displays, his heart still yearn to having a family, and with one action decided to try to find new love. It was difficult
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 3 3
Archer Pray upon Unlimited Blade Works on DB!

Class: Archer
Real Name: Shirou Emiya
First Appearance: Fate/Stay Night (2004)
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 172lbs
Alignment: Neutral

* Feats:
- Replicated Saber's sword, Excalibur
-- But as a sword of divine origin the strain of creation was borderline suicidal.
- Took out 5-6 of Berserker/Hercules' twelve lives (depends on the translation)
-- In the end, he was overpowered and killed.
-- In the original visual novel, did it with a broken arm and without resorting to Unlimited Blade Works.
-- In the Studio DEEN Adaptation, he resorted to Unlimited Blade Works.
- Though the weakest Servant, has held his own against stronger and faster opponents through skill and wit.
-- Outwitted Caster and killed off her Master.
-- Fought Lancer to a standstill.
-- Landed the final blow that ultimately killed Gilgamesh in UBW.
--- Faked his death to do so, and helped the heroes from the shado
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 14 4
The ultimate dark side is born


~ A Knight's End ~ Sun Heart Dims by Dragon-FangX ~ A Knight's End ~ Sun Heart Dims :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 15 5
Everyday Life with Raptors (Part 4)
The looks from the guests could be ignored. That wasn’t an issue. Owen simply asked that they be put in a room slightly away from the guests. This steakhouse was one that Owen had enjoyed since his college years, and they knew how to accommodate his needs. The sound of the girls eating was…a bit different. There were only so many ways he could beg Charlie and Delta to keep it down and not to make sounds while eating. Blue occasionally had to snap at them, and Echo just kept her eyes on her plate, not wanting to cause trouble or bring attention to herself. The waitress and waiter that were seeing their table were actually nervous to get too close, usually only gravitating towards Owen’s side of the circle booth that they shared.
Blue had her steak, Delta had her pork chops, Echo was chowing on a hamburger, and Charlie had a plate of kids chicken tenders…though Owen suspected she’d want more than the four she’d gotten. She had hardly touched the French
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 7 10
Everyday Life with Raptors (Part 3)
It was just like Captain Grayson had said. Within four days of his visit, they’d gotten a call from Hoskins that they had an emergency requiring the girls response. Owen was now sitting in the back of a large armored police SUV. He was reading a tablet in his lap, detailing the situation to him. Meanwhile the four girls were already gearing up.
For this job, they’d been given tight body armor, each one a different color to indicate their identity to the other without verbal cues. Blue was standing in her navy blue one piece suit, looking like she was a lifeguard or Olympic athlete. She was holding onto a strap from the roof of the van and was inspecting the others to ensure they were ready. Delta was already ready to go in her teal colored gear. She wasn’t looking at the others, but rather staring out the window as they tore down the road, the siren from the van warning other cars to stay back. Echo was helping Charlie into her dark green suit. She looked so uncomfort
:iconthe-knight-writer:The-Knight-Writer 18 21
Winter Has Come by Anacondrix Winter Has Come :iconanacondrix:Anacondrix 2,438 76 Veinna by nancher Veinna :iconnancher:nancher 153 14 Killcount 2018 05 18 by jollyjack Killcount 2018 05 18 :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 350 345
Jack-O' Valentine Orchestrates a DEATH BATTLE!

Jack-O' Valentine
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 99 lbs.
First Appearance: Guilty Gear X
-Became one of the servants for That Man
-Fought and won against I-No in combat
-Fought against Jam Kuradoberi
-Fought against 
Sol, Sin, and Ramlethal
-Gave Bedman a hard time
-Extracted Elphet from Justice and received the Saint Oratorio
-Merged with Justice and created a new version of Aira


-Repelled the powerful Bedman, who Sol admitted can hurt him
-Can take on the likes of Sol Badguy, who noted she is very powerful
-Stronger than her minions, which can toss her into deep space in seconds
-Generated a force of
230 exatons (moon le
:iconstrunton:Strunton 20 2
The Dragon King has returned! Onaga reigns in DB!

First Appearance: Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (November 20th, 2002 - Cameo) / Mortal Kombat: Deception (October 4th, 2004 - Full Appearance)
Full/Real Name: Onaga
AKA: The Dragon King
Height: Unknown, towers over other Kombatants
Weight: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Dragon
Place of Birth: Outworld
Affiliation: Himself
Occupation: Formerly Emperor of Outworld

A millennium ago, Onaga, also known as the Dragon King, was the true
:icondeathbattledino:DeathBattleDino 19 3
Red dragon portrait by AonikaArt Red dragon portrait :iconaonikaart:AonikaArt 2,326 49
The Night Angel (Chapter 32)
I quickly understood why Joshua hated Samuel Ruger. The man was a jerk. Upon meeting him at the airport, he didn’t stop looking at me like I was some kind of rare animal…and perhaps that’s exactly how he saw me. He also glanced occasionally at the bags we carried, wondering which one the sword might be in. I barely said a word to him…I wanted to stay as out of touch with this man as possible. Connor tried to be friendly during the plane ride…striking up conversation where he could. Joshua on the other hand only glared in his direction, snarling when he spoke and his tongue dripping with as much sarcasm as spit.
As the jet neared Greece, I had looked to Joshua curiously. During the ride, I thought the only expression he was capable of was anger at Samuel…but now I could see there was something else going on. His eyes kept going down to his feet and even Kirai’s attempts to involve him in a game were met with limited success. He was nervous
:icongabrielraven:GabrielRaven 8 5
~ A Knight's End ~ Fear of Death by Dragon-FangX ~ A Knight's End ~ Fear of Death :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 18 5 Lore - Chpt 5 - Villain's Conundrum by Dragon-FangX Lore - Chpt 5 - Villain's Conundrum :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 33 9 Cyber Road - Heroic Action by Dragon-FangX Cyber Road - Heroic Action :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 14 6
The Simurgh Masterminds Death Battle!

The Simurgh:
AKA: Ziz, Israfel, Ulama
Height: 15 Feet
Weight: 9 tons
First Appearance: Worm (Interlude 16.z)

-The third Endbringer to appear on Earth Bet
-Is responsible for the deaths of countless civilians, heroes, and villains
-Spent decades terrorizing the world to devastate cities, critical installations and landscapes
-Is considered to be the most terrifying of the Endbringers, as she orchestrates events to cause future disasters
-Responsible for destroying Switzerland, turning all of its citizens into murderers
-Is responsible for the events that turned Alan Gramme, a tech based hero, into Mannequin, a cybernetic serial killer that kills people that try to save the world
-Revealed to be the one who turned William Manton, a Cauldron researcher, to become the Siberian, a psychopathic villain who killed Hero, one of the origi
:icondynamo1212:Dynamo1212 18 1
Mature content
Late to the Party :iconcolumbus11:Columbus11 3 12
Epyon by ChasingArtwork Epyon :iconchasingartwork:ChasingArtwork 1,796 58


1,500 deviations
49 deviations
91 deviations
Alright, it been a while since I have done a journal here in DA (beside the Valentine Day theme). I wanted to ask some of the viewer of DA a question that has been bothering me for a while: which stories would you guys like? As of now, I have five stories drafts right now that are both unique and personal favorites of my, but I am at the moment unable to decided which one I should focus first and end up switching between them non-stop. A course, I first have to make a request story for my friend :iconthebigblackdevil5: around by April, thus my focus will be first on it. But afterward, I will try to work on the five stories, yet now I need your help for me to decided which one I should work on.

1. Beware the Scoripon Sting (Serket TG/TF): Now to some who have read some of :iconsephzero: stories, most would already know the tale of Jackie Valentine. A young woman from the line of explorer's end up being cursed by TK as punishment, thus forcing her to become either her sexy Allure form, or savage Werejackal. However, this story would focus upon a unfortunate man, who was part of a group of tomb raiders that were assaulted by the Werejackal. He end up being punishment by an ancient goddess by being possess by her, to which leads toward a transformation into an a divine, hybrid human/scorpion woman, or to be more precise a magical humanoid scorpion woman. As an attempt to being more bug transformation then common beast transformation's. Also to remind people, this story is Non-Canon, so it wouldn't exist in Sephzero stories.

2. The Legacy of Fafnir (Dragon TG/TF): This follow the life of Jones and his friends journey into Worms (as in a city that reside in Germany), to visit one of the Jones old relative after the pasting of his parents. The two were quite surprise to know that the relative has knowledge regarding the complete history of both Germanic and Norse mythology, though the mainly focus around Sigurd  (Siegfried in Germanic). However, the relative soon reveal a dark secret about their family and Jones friend, to which could bring about the beginning of the end. This story will involve a dragon transformation (a course with TG as well), to which both including giantess transformation. This is also an attempt to reinterpreted the story of Norse Mythology, as the story is mostly vague in some of it tells, as well as recreating the ragnarok by the end of the story.

3. Champion of the Desert (Urbosa TG/TF/AR): A explore has found an undiscovered temple that is strangely built to be shape like a camel. Entering within the center of the giant temple, the explore end up a lightning bolt to fire out from the camel-shape structure, yet quickly strike down at the explore. This is now involving a transformation from the game series "Legend of Zelda", adding both Age Regression and muscle growth transformation for the old man into one of the champion from "Breath of the Wind", Urbosa.

4. Melding of Fire & Ice (Twinrova TG/TF/Fusion): Three friends order out from the internet to having a pair of different color crystals that were said to belong to twin witches. However, two of the friends end up placing the crystals upon both their foreheads and commence an intense fusion to bring birth a powerful sorceress. Once more doing a LOZ transformation, yet this time bring back a very old character of the game, Twinrova. Beside adding Age Progression, I am attempting to make the first Fusion transformation, as there aren't lots of stories that involve those kind of TG fusion, and I will do my best to make it as juicy.

5. Path of the Berserker ( Goliath Barbarian TG/TF):
A young nerd and his friend take part of a role-playing game that reside within a realistic virtual world with another group of people to test out the advance technologic game. The nerd end up creating a character that is completely different from himself, yet is unaware at how much the changes can actually effect both the physical and mental state of his very being in the process. This time it will not involve any magic themes, relay on scientific VR that also recreated real sensation, despite a slight error that going to have a major effect to the main character transformation to a tall, sexy-yet-savage Berserker. This also involve from the RPG, D&D (Dungeon and Dragon).

So again, I would like to hear your opinions on which one I should pay attention to the most, though you will all have to wait after I finish the request story with April.


Darth-Drago's Profile Picture
United States
A year or 2 i join DeviantArt, saw interesting here and even join some clubs. I also am a writer, though still need more training with my grammers, but still good at it. My favorite character is Darth-Drago, a sith lord whose part machine and part dragon; he done both TG War 1 and 2, other stories with others members like Dark Neon, Demon, AznMega, and many more. I like Dragon, TG, Romance, Sith Lords and Digimon.

Current Residence: FL,Miami
Favourite genre of music: Classic
Favourite style of art: Love
MP3 player of choice: Silver
Shell of choice: Smooth
Wallpaper of choice: Lightning
Skin of choice: Tan

Journal History


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