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Origins of Darwin and Amanda: Remastered
To those who are reading this, if you haven't read the final chapter of Tomaki, please stop so you don't get spoiled. If you have, then continue on...
This story is going to involve the three stories I made previously, focusing the characters, Darwin Titrel the "Sage of the Grimorie", and Amanda Tiatamt the "Beast of Calamity". This story will be about the alternation of their background and origins. The reason why i'm doing this is because of reading the Finale of Tomaki story, and how the sequel will now focus on an new character, Bell the Saiyan Half-bred. Becoming fanasting about the new character and how powerful she may become, I decided to alter the whole story of Amanda and Darwin, so that they can be the new foes for her later in the sequel.
To do that, first I will remind everyone regarding the first story I made, "The Origin of the Beast of Calamity"
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Mature content
The Celestial Ascendant (Angewoman TG TF) :icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 56 15
The Life of Darwin Titrel, Mage of the Grimoire
I wasn't like the other kids in graded schools, such as the well-social kid, the popular guy, gifted student, or even the bad-boy of the class. I spend most of my time in class alone, with just my book's to help me pass through the time. It wasn't like I desire to be alone, I tried to make friends over the years, yet most would simply brushed me aside or avoid getting close to me. When I stared at First-Grade, must of the kids used to be nice to me, but by next year everyone altitude toward me become cold and distant. The reason for being an outcast in the class was due to how my father had die before I was even born, and then my mother disappear without a trace, thus leaving me in the hand of my uncle Matthew, who barely even interact with me. The kid's parents began making rumors that I was a child of bad luck and warn their children to not get close to me, fearing something bad would happen to them if they get involve with me. M
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Mature content
Onigashima: Part 3 :icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 0 0
Mature content
Onigashima: Part 2 :icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 1 0
Onigashima: Part 1
Three years had passed since the Fourth Great Ninja War, a war that wasn't about "ninja vs ninja", but rather about protecting the world from a great threat to all life. The war wasn't as long from the previous war's, yet many lives had been lost to prevent the enemy from achieving their goal. The war had soon came to an end, thanks to the two heroes who played a large role in freeing all the people in the land from a powerful genjutsu. The Five Great Villages slowly came to united together to bring upon a new era of peace for the next generations to come. However, not all of the world problems had simply been erased; hatred and despaired continued to existence in the ninja war, thus continue the cycle of crimes and injustice in society. Other issues began when some villages are having a hard time following the changes, yet thanks to the aided of the Five Kages, thing slowly began to progress toward a better future...
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The Life of Tiamat, the Beast of Calamity
The life I begin was a dark and narrow path that leads to destruction and death, all who were against me was crushed and devoured. I can remember the day when I made a pact with a complicated wizard who held a great darkness in his heart, to which his darkness had affected me to become a much savage monster. I had no sense of self and easily follow the wizard command, draining the mana's of every living creatures around me to become stronger, while also devouring all kinds of being at the same time. I grow and change repeatedly so many times over, till at least I had a sense of 'self' and began to grew more evil with each act of evil from battle. I soon began to even grow strong enough to go against my master command's, devouring the very people he was supposed to protect within the kingdom. It sicken me to see his face every time; he acted that he wanted only love, yet in his heart he truly desired the throne to the kingdom to rule both the people an
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Villains who knows the Truth of the World: Prelude

Ed: There are villains who have seen past the word's such as 'peace' and 'happiness', knowing that they are just lies when face to reality, that only power and despair truly rule the world.
Igo: Madara Uchiha, strongest out of all of Uchiha and the third to be "Sage of the Six Path".
Ed: And Yuuki Terumi, one of the Sixth Heroes and is in fact Takehaya Susano'o.
Igo: I'm Igo and he Ed, and together we do our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!
Name: Madara Uchiha
Age: Over hundred's of years.
Gender: Male
Appearance: Naruto Series
Role: Founder and Legendary Leader of the Uchiha Clan.

Ed: Madara was born from the Uchiha clan, who were on a war against the Senju Clan for hundreds of years. Yet he had an unexpected encounter to Hashirama Senju when they were kids,and quickly soon becam
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Battle of the Mad Gods: Prelude

Ed: Out of all the God's and Deities known throughout the world, there are few beings that have let madness consume them, transforming them into Demon God's with the sole desire of bring destruction upon the world.
Igo: Kishin Asura, once a member of the Eight Warlord's and now know to the world as a Demon God.
Ed: And Kaguya Otsutsuki, the Rabbit Goddess and also Demon Goddess.
Igo: I'm Igo and he Ed, and together we do our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE!

Name: Kaguya Otsutsuki
Gender: Female
Age: +1,000 years old
Appearance: Naruto Series
Other Names:  Rabbit Goddess, Demon, Progenitor of Chakra, Ten-Tail
Theme Song:

Ed: As mention from , Kaguya came from outer space and came to Earth with the purpose to gain the pow
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Fate/Nightmare: Berserker Class/Seras Victoria

-Class: Berserker
-True Name: Seras Victoria
-Title: Police Girl, Draculina
-Gender: Female
-Other Qualifying Classes: Archer, Lancer and Assassin
-Alignment: Lawful Neutral
-Weapons: Blood
-Crossover: Hellsing
-Summoning Relic: Emblem of the Hellsing Organization
Strength: B+/A++
Endurance: B/A+
Agility: B+/A++
Mana: C
Luck: B
Noble Phantasm: A+
Class Skills:
-Mad Enchantment (C): 
Both Strength, Endurance and Agility are increase by one rank, but her speaking ability becomes limited. Despite being under the Mad Enchantment, Berserker is able to speak and think simple. However, she can be overcome with bloodlust and rage when she desire for blood's.
-Territory Creation (C): Berserker is able to
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Fate/Nightmare: Caster Class/Merlin

-Class: Caster
-True Name: Merlin
-Title: Boar's Sin of Gluttony, Crimson Pig, Daughter of Belialuin
-Gender: Female
-Other Qualifying Classes:  Archer and Lancer
-Alignment: Lawful Neutral
-Weapons: Aldan
-Crossover: Seven Deadly Sins
-Summoning Relic: Merlin old armor
Strength: D
Endurance: C
Agility: B
Mana: A+
Luck: A+
N. Phantasm: A+
Class Skills: 
-Item Construction (A): Merlin create powerful items that each has unique abilities.
-Magic Resistance (B): Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for him to be affected.
-Territory Creation (B): Creation of a "Workshop" becomes possible
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Fate/Nightmare: Assassin Class/Killua Zoldyck

-Class: Assassin
-True Name: Killua Zoldyck
-Title: Hunter
-Gender: Male
-Other Qualifying Classes: Saber, Lancer, Berserker
-Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
-Weapons: His sharp nails and yoyo's
-Crossover: HunterXHunter
-Summoning Relic: A yoyo
Strength: C+
Endurance: C
Agility: B
Mana: C
Luck: B
N. Phantasm: B+
Class Skills: 
-Presence Concealment (B+): The capacity to hide one's presence as a Servant. It is a common skill to the Assassin class. It is possible to disappear completely and become almost impossible to be detected. However, it will shut down once attacks are taken.

Personal Skills:
-Charisma (B): Killau is an expert to disguise his bloodlust and appear to be native and fre
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Fate/Nightmare: Archer Class/Lille Barro

-Class: Archer
-True Name: Lille Barro 
-Title: Sternritter
-Gender: Male
-Other Qualifying Classes: Caster, Berserker
-Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
-Weapons: Diagramme
-Crossover: Bleach
-Summoning Relic: A light brown, furred bicorn
Strength: B
Endurance: C
Agility: B
Mana: C
Luck: B
N. Phantasm: A
Class Skills: 
-Independent Action (B+): Capable of remaining in this world for five days without an established contract. 
-Magic Resistance (B): Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for him to be affected.
Personal Skills:
-Battle Continuation (A):
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Fate/Nightmare: Lancer Class/Whitebeard

-Class: Lancer
-True Name: Edward Newgate
-Title: Whitebeard
-Gender: Male
-Other Qualifying Classes: Saber, Archer, Rider
-Alignment: Chaotic Good
-Weapons: Bisento
-Crossover: One Piece
-Summoning Relic: A white, crescent-like mustache
Strength: A
Agility: C
Endurance: B
Mana: C
Luck: C
N. Phantasm: A+
Class Skills:
-Independent Action (C): Capable of remaining in this world for one day without a established contract.
-Magic resistance (B): Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for him to be affected.
Personal Skills:
-Battle Continuation (A): Makes possible to fi
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Fate/Nightmare: Rider Class/Mikazuki Augus

-Class: Rider
-True Name: Mikazuki Augus
-Title: The Devil of Tekkadan
-Gender: Male
-Other Qualifying Classes: Saber, Archer and Berserker
-Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
-Weapons: ASW-G-08 Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex
-Crossover: Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
-Summoning Relic: Alaya-Vijnana System
Strength: D
Endurance: D
Agility: C
Mana: D
Luck: C+
N. Phantasm: C
Class Skills:
-Riding (B): Mikazuki is able to pilot the Gundam Barbatos Lupus Rex with no problem, though he can't mount on Phantasm Beast or Divine Beast.
Personal Skills:
-Alaya-Vijnana System (A):
The Alaya-Vijnana system is a method to maximize the abilities of mobile suits by granting their pilots acute spacial awareness. It
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 5 5
Fate/Nightmare: Saber Class/Clare

-Class: Saber
-True Name: Clare
-Title: Claymore, No. 47
-Gender: Female
-Other Qualifying Classes: Lancer, Assassn and Berserk
-Alignment: Lawful Good
-Weapons: Claymore and twin daggers
-Crossover: Claymore
-Summoning Relic: A huge claymore
Strength: B
Endurance: B
Agility: A
Mana: C
Luck: B
N. Phantasm: A
Class Skills:
-Independent Action (B): Capable of remaining in this world for three day without an established contract. 
-Magic Resistance (B): Cancels out spells with a chant below three verses.
Personal Skills:
-Battle Continuation (B): Makes possible to fight even with deadly injuries and can remain alive so long
:icondarth-drago:Darth-Drago 5 2
The ultimate dark side is born


DB: Erza Knightwalker vs. Saber Of Red [PRELUDE]
Due to time constraints and real life issues, I didn't have much time to prepare the host dialogue for this prelude. So please bear with me and the last 2 DB Preludes of the season will be ready. Thanks for your patience and enjoy.
Full Name: Erza Knightwalker
Age: Unknown
Character Alignment: Evil.
Height: Unknown
Weight: Wunknown
First Appearance: Manga: Chapter 170 "Fairy Hunting". Anime: Episode 79 "Fairy Hunting" (2011).
Affiliation: Edolas Royal Army.
Occupation: Royal Army Captain of the 2nd Magic War Division
Team: Royal Army Captains
Base of Operations: Royal Capital of Edolas

- Responsible for reducing Edo Fairy Tail's guild members to half their numbers
- Is the Royal Army Captain of the 2nd Magic War Division.
- Nearly Killed Lucy
- Clashed with Erza Scarlet twice
:iconssj4truntanks:SSJ4Truntanks 3 4
TG TF Sequence - Tell me I'm cute (COMMISSION) by Gwyndolin115 TG TF Sequence - Tell me I'm cute (COMMISSION) :icongwyndolin115:Gwyndolin115 23 4
Birdy Cephon hunts criminals in Death Battle!

Name: Birdy Cephon Altera
AKA: The Berserker Killer, Shion Arita(her disquise on Earth), Tsutomu Senkawa(the soul inside her body of the person she killed on accident).
Species: Ixioran Altan - an upgraded version of an Altan via some bio-engineering for combat purposes. (Yes, Altans look like humans).
Gender: Both. Female as Birdy or Shion Arita. Male as Tsutomu Senkawa.
Boomstick: Heh, she can be whatever you want her to be.
Age: ~18-20, not sure, honestly. I did not find her specific age.
Height: ???
Weight: Top secret
Birdy comes from a planet called Altaria which is similar to Earth but is more advanced in technology. The race that Birdy comes from are called Altans and are similar to humans but there is something that differentiates Birdy from other Altans. Birdy is a bio-engineered super solider called Ixioran Altan, a being who is bred for combat.
Birdy was no
:iconragazz:ragazz 15 4
Match Ideas: Saber
"A man without fear cannot be wise."
Arturia Pendragon.
Well here we have the iconic female lead of the Fate Franchise. The Rule63!King Arthur a.k.a Saber. Everyone's waifu material who takes part in Fate/Zero as well as in the 3 routes of Stay/Night as Shirou's servant, initially. However, in the other routes her role will vary, as well as the Masters. In UBW, she ends up serving Rin Tohsaka and stays with them in the Good Ending of said route. As for Heaven's Feel? There's only Saber Alter under an infected Sakura Matou and no matter what happens in that route, she won't get a happy outcome. Story and impressions aside, let's first look at how Saber has fared so far in Death Battle.
Who has she fought early on?

Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)
Result? Saber won.
Made by:
Lucina (Fire Emblem)
Result? Saber won.
Made by:
Clare (Claymore)
Result? Saber won.
Made by:
Guts (Berserk)
Result? Saber win
:iconssj4truntanks:SSJ4Truntanks 2 6
The For Honor Chronicles: Veiled in Shadows
His name is Kido Takashi. His long black hair tied back in a pony tail, and his delicate features would make most who look at him from a distance assume he was a maiden. But the armor upon his body, the long katana sword strapped to his hip, and the cold look of a hawk in his eyes would remind any who crossed him that this ‘maiden’ was a deadly killer; an orochi. Meaning ‘serpent,’ orochi were the elite assassins and soldiers of the Dawn Empire, trained to wield the ultimate weapon; the katana. Takashi served the daimyo of the southern most province of the Mire, and within that province was the port village of Amaku. It was the furthest village from the lands of Valkenheim and Ashfeld, so it saw the least violence and bloodshed. It was for this reason that the land was so plentiful, happy, and safe. The people there flourished like cherry blossoms in spring, as there were no external threats to their homes.
But it also had received much disdain and ridicule for
:icongabrielraven:GabrielRaven 1 0
Character Bio: Natelle Kirillov by ViroVeteruscy Character Bio: Natelle Kirillov :iconviroveteruscy:ViroVeteruscy 11 2 Ethan Hawk by GabrielRaven Ethan Hawk :icongabrielraven:GabrielRaven 9 1 Saikosoku Fall in Love! by GabrielRaven Saikosoku Fall in Love! :icongabrielraven:GabrielRaven 3 2
Mature content
Another World: Masked by Moonlight :iconguitaroo91:Guitaroo91 11 5
The TG unfortunate boy, becoming on a Valkyrie by kyo-domesticfucker The TG unfortunate boy, becoming on a Valkyrie :iconkyo-domesticfucker:kyo-domesticfucker 79 3 Alter-Ego TG - from Janus to Janice by kyo-domesticfucker Alter-Ego TG - from Janus to Janice :iconkyo-domesticfucker:kyo-domesticfucker 268 1 ~ A Knight's End ~ Bear Teeth and Wolf Claws by Dragon-FangX ~ A Knight's End ~ Bear Teeth and Wolf Claws :icondragon-fangx:Dragon-FangX 10 7 TG Kampfer style B3 by kyo-domesticfucker
Mature content
TG Kampfer style B3 :iconkyo-domesticfucker:kyo-domesticfucker 177 1
Hyrule's Hero: Temple of Change 5 by sampleguy Hyrule's Hero: Temple of Change 5 :iconsampleguy:sampleguy 208 25 [PART 4] My Little Sister, Amy: Page 11 by meowwithme [PART 4] My Little Sister, Amy: Page 11 :iconmeowwithme:meowwithme 72 10 Hulking Hot Girl - Hulkdaddyg by Sephzero Hulking Hot Girl - Hulkdaddyg :iconsephzero:Sephzero 67 10


1,243 deviations

To those who are reading this, if you haven't read the final chapter of Tomaki, please stop so you don't get spoiled. If you have, then continue on...


This story is going to involve the three stories I made previously, focusing the characters, Darwin Titrel the "Sage of the Grimorie", and Amanda Tiatamt the "Beast of Calamity". This story will be about the alternation of their background and origins. The reason why i'm doing this is because of reading the Finale of Tomaki story, and how the sequel will now focus on an new character, Bell the Saiyan Half-bred. Becoming fanasting about the new character and how powerful she may become, I decided to alter the whole story of Amanda and Darwin, so that they can be the new foes for her later in the sequel.

To do that, first I will remind everyone regarding the first story I made, "The Origin of the Beast of Calamity". It involve how an ancient race of nomads alien's created a powerful Grimorie that held the knowledge of all kinds of spells and history of the universe, but one of their own soon containment the book with the adding a pages involving the "Dark Arts", and later brought the end to their world. One of the nomad's end up teleporting into the planet Earth and wait for thousands of years, tell a slave found the nearly dead alien and took the book. After years reading from the book, the slave soon raised up to statues of wizard, and once his time was up the Grimorie soon passed down to the next wizards or witches throughout history. Eventually, the book was in the hand of a sorcerer, Marwick Darkhold, one of the few wizards serving the Kingdom of Titrel. He was madly in love with the princess, yet they were forbidden to reveal their love publicly, and thus tried to find a way to win the king favor to have his daughter hand in marriage. When he exhausted all normal methods, he decided to take a risk, opening the Grimorie and looking at the dark parts of it contents. In the end, he using an ancient and evil ritual to created a beast that grow powerful from other beings energies and transformed into a monster. The Beast of Calamity was powerful enough to crushed down other kingdom's armies and even fought against the like of a Demon Lord. Thanks to the effort of Marwick part in helping the kingdom fending off threats of all kinds, the king eventually reward the wizard with the hand of his daughter in marriage. But the truth was that Marwick secretly wanted to be the new king and rule over the kingdom, but he was dined the right be the heir, due to being born a commoner. His hatred could be felt by the Beast of Calamity, corrupting the creature farther down to the path of destruction, till eventually it destroyed the whole kingdom. In time, the Beast end up fight the like of both demons and super-humans, till it decided to leave the planet and began causing chaos across the galaxy. However, the creature was unaware of Marwick attempt to seal it away before it was too late; Marwick soon return back to his home, though only left behind the Grimorie and the egg to his daughter.

Centuries had soon pass, all the way to the twenty-first century, where Darwin mother Sarah work as an agent for the government, with a mission to find abnormal case around the supernatural and existence of aliens alongside with Pierce. However, this is were the story get altered; first off, Sarah actually started her job as a rookie, and her first mission involves the discovering of a alien pod that crashed close to Shan City. Both Sarah and Pierce tracked down the ship and spend months searching for the alien, till at last they located the alien child being raised by the woman Bell. Though they could have taken the child by force, Sarah wanted to see if an alien could be raised like a human and chose to leave the child alone. Pierce still advise to keep a close eye on the boy, and watch Tomaki for years till the Saiyan became the "Golden Warrior" and went away to train his new form. The government were unable to find where to find the Saiyan and waited three years till he make his return. Before Tomaki made his return, Sarah soon marry to her fiancé and spend six months together, till her husband died in a car accident. Later on, Sarah gave birth to Darwin and spend much time she has with him before going back to her job. When the Saiyan began his fight against the Triad, both Sarah and Pierce kept a watch on the alien boy and write down much knowledge and information about him, including the people he met and his technique's. They kept on watching him, even when Girff and a bunch of alien hunters arrive to the planet. But one day, Sarah tracked down Tomaki to a warehouse, where he used his signature attack to kill Vokan, though at the process of causing a powerful earthquake and end up killing her. In that moment, Pierce vow justice against Tomaki for killing the woman he loved for so long and began bring information of how dangerous he was. 

Soon news spread the countries that even the mad scientist, Dr. Allen Franco, was nearly killed by the raging Saiyan, and later on arrested for the crimes of doing inhuman experiments on people. But it was after the event of Boalak death and Tomaki Super Saiyan 2 form, that truly caught the world attention, to which began when Pierce brought in evidence and video feds of the fight to senates of the American government. They were truly shock by the whole thing, as it was bad enough that mutates were causing trouble, but now there were aliens and demons popping out to the world, and all that happen due to Tomaki existence. In that moment onward, the senates gave Pierce all the resource and people needed to created a special police forces that could fight equally against dangerous threats. With the aids of the world smartest mind and the funds from the government, Pierce slowly build his own organization that only hunt down mutates or monsters, using specialize weapons and vehicles to do so, and later on created a special prison for them. It took seven years to have hunted down only 40 percent of the mutates populations who were consider criminals, yet even the weapons and army in Pierce possession could not face the like of stronger mutates and began having problems.

Darwin life has been altered to losing his parent at the time when he was only one years old. Raised by only his uncle, he spend seven years alone, from kindergarten to elementary school, with no one even wanting to be friend with a kid who lost both parents. Like how he was originally, he end up having a habits of reading books like his mother and thus spend alone most time in his study. When he was in the fifth grade at the age of seven, he soon came upon the basement that held all of his mother stuff, to which he sneak into the room one night and found the Grimorie, along with the egg that held the Beast of Calamity within. Soon he spend five years trying to translate the book despite only having gain nothing from it. Then that fateful night, three thieve break into Darwin home and tried to take everything they can get their hands on, but then they discover Darwin presence and attempted to kill him. Locking the steel door behind him, he knew that the thieves were going to break in and would have been his end, if not for the book to suddenly come alive and reveal a page that was readable for him. Without a second thought, Darwin read the whole page and soon caused the egg to hatch and release the Beast of Calamity into the world. As it easily dispatch the thugs, the two had a rather connective moment between man and beast, till a group of government soldier burst in and end up capturing the two in a surprise attack. To explain how that happen, after the death of Sarah, Pierce had rigged the basement with a camera that can see anything that may happen in the room, and place few agents near Sarah brother house in case if something bad were to happen. So when the Beast of Calamity was free, the agents jumped in and capture the two, then were order to bring them to their base of operation.

There, Darwin soon came face-to-face with Pierce, who explain to the boy his family history, the ancient book held by his ancestor and the creation of the Beast of Calamity. He also tell in the event of the world since the appearance of mutate, and even the supposed alien being known as Tomaki and his many battle against dangerous foes. This time, Pierce even tell him the truth of who he is, his relationship with Sarah and how she really died. When he heard that Tomaki was the caused of his mother death, he was angry by such a thing and question why no one actually account the Saiyan for the crime; Pierce reveal that the government doesn't have the kind of firepower to actually to force the like of a Saiyan to be bring in to court, after what he did to the Demon Lord. However, he saw potential in Darwin when he was actually able to read the Grimorie, when others had never figure out how to do it. He also wanted Darwin to help them gain better control of the beast, who now resided within a specialize cage, through he ask in return to actually treated the creature more than a weapon.

Through Darwin perception in "The Life of Darwin Titrel, Mage of the Grimoire", he take a much longer time to read the book than how he did in the original story, as it took five years to study and master much about the Grimorie and acquired so much knowledge, including information about the Saiyan home world, their biology and the legend of the "Super Saiyan". He also been helping the organization by modifying and enchanting the weapons and cages to being more useful against super powered beings, with the aid of his magic. Eventually he even went around the world to find some ancient relics and even came upon legendary weapon, such as Labrys, Hephaestus axe that slices open the head of Zeus to free Athena, and Gungnir, a ancient spear that belong to the All-Father, Odin. The only down side is that Darwin can't summon familiars and he can only attack from a far distance, using enchanted chains and elemental attacks. As he made some friends from the coworkers, he was still having a special kind of relationship with the Beast, as he even went giving it the name "Amanda" and been there for her whether she get in trouble. He always the kind that get nervous around the opposite sex's, yet always tried to be respectful toward people, no matter what kind of people they are, expect for the murderous killers or criminals.

In the story "The Life of Tiamat, the Beast of Calamity ", Amanda has been going through some trail in gathering energies, since her old methods no longer work well, but thanks to Darwin help, she has awaken a new power to absorbed energies from a single person. Amanda spend two years going through multiple transformations, till at last she gained the appearance that match to her original character from the story (a humanoid, silver dragon woman, with a mixed of Majin Buu costume and a sleeveless jacket). It was a challenge for her to find dangerous and powerful mutates, who are states away and also needed to be concealed away from the public, but she never failed at her job. She also trained herself to learn martial arts and ki manipulations, when seeing the videos regarding Tomaki battles and sworn to Darwin that she will beat him, though the process took at least five years to at least learned how to control her powers. Her transformation, known as "Restriction", has been altered to now be at least be equal or lower to the level of Super Saiyan 2. Also the stages has be changed; The Third Restriction is called "Hunter Mode" only focus in draining energies and relay on acrobats to avoid attacks, using little power to even fight. The Second Restriction "Fighter Mode", becoming a close-range fighter that relay on boxing and using her shadow matters to cover her legs and help in increasing her kick attack. The First Restriction, which is now changed to "Savage Mode", make her appear to be more beast than man, even her attack becoming more beast-like, increasing bit of speed and strength, thus matching the level of a Super Saiyan or below. Then her final form is Restriction Zero, aka "Chaos Mode", that is the mixed of Berserker Mode and the original Chaos Mode was, while possess the power to evenly match a Super Saiyan 2 or less; It take the form of a five-headed dragon, though still possess the body of a humanoid woman, yet also has wings and tail of a dragon. As before, each heads possess a different abilities, like one of them being made of shadow matters and can morph into anything, and her ultimate attack is to channel all the energies from the five head and fire like a Tailed Beast Ball.

For five years, the two relationship changed from master and pet, to friends and later on even lovers. Though the two never gone far in their relationship, since Amanda feared that her body would not be attractive for Darwin desire or that it could be awkward if the two actually did "it" in bed, if you get my drift. Even so, the two always cared about each other and would do anything to help the other, no matter how dangerous the situation is. As for their personality, Amanda is kind of like Revy from "Black Lagoon", possessing such a violent personality and always using force to get her ways, while Darwin is kind of like Rock, being more cautious and always trying to negotiated with the criminal without resorting to violence. As for the duo option's of Tomaki; despite knowing how hard Tomaki life was and see how many good deeds he had done to saving the world, Darwin couldn't forgive him for killing his mother in raged and thus only wish for him to accept his crime, while Amanda only wanted to hurt the Saiyan for ruining Darwin life. While the two were getting close, Pierce and his elite forces has been able to arrest the worst kind of mutates away to their specialize prison, while also trying to make a law that would help some mutates who only desire to lived a peaceful life. It took nearly 15 years for Pierce, who started out as a simply agent officer, now becoming director of a secret organization, having gathered the most elite group of soldiers and weaponry money can buy, and even the aid of Darwin and Amanda to help him achieved his goal at making the United State to be a safer place for both humans and good mutates. With that now done, Pierce had soon decided to begin his personal mission in hunting down the Saiyan Tomaki, yet discover that years after Boalak death, Tomaki had end up having a child, to which Pierce feared that the daughter could be worse and powerful than the father, even could end up losing to her rage like him. It was then that Pierce decided it was now time to end his long-awaited justice, to send his two greatest agents to keep an eye on the Half-bred Saiyan Bell, to see if she is as powerful as her father or not...

Origins of Darwin and Amanda: Remastered

After the Finale of the Tomaki series, I soon found out that the sequel would now be focusing about the Bell the Half-bred Saiyan, who is a bit different than her father in techniques and powers. It was then I decided to completely alter the origins and background of the two OC's, Darwin Titrel and Amanda Tiamat, to fitted in within with the sequel story. Although it mean that I had to weaken the characters a bit, they are still quite powerful, while also making their mission more personal, as they now face against the child of Tomaki. As they is an old saying; "The sin of the father now passed down to the child."

I also choice not to changed the three stories I made before, caused it was a challenged to do so and I really worked hard for them. If you wanted to know much about their personalities or details of their powers, you can check out the links below.

The sequel of the Tomaki series belong to the writer, :icongabrielraven: and :iconthe-knight-writer:

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"Why...are you doing this? I thought we were-"

"Shut it, that ancient history. Now cuff it up loser, or I'm going to give you more than a black eye!" Drake Mortimer shouted, squeezing his hand around Robbie Cubbage neck to the point of choking him. The two are hiding behind an old, antique store that only take in rare valuables that may cost over thousands of dollars for anyone to by. One of those valuable item is now resided with Robbie bag, as it was a gift from his grandfather of the store and was on his way home, till he had an unexpected run in with Drake. Now the young man is close to facing his maker, yet Robbie desire to live outweigh the desire to protect his grandfather gift.

"Ugh...Here, just don't..." Robbie could only choked some of the words out, as he passes out his bag to Drake, to which he simply let him go. The bully looks down at the weaken man with a grinned that would make him look like a villain in the comic book's.

"Thank you for your cooperation, old friend. When I done selling the junk away to someone rich, I will soon be going on easy street," He chuckled as he gazes upon the bag. He slowly walked down the alleyway, though he continues to speak on for Robbie to hear." Oh, and I will be planning on seeing you again by next week, so don't try to hide or call the cop on me." Robbie could only stare on from his spot, his eyes were filled with despair after what he went through, gazing down to a puddle that shown the reflection of his bruised face.

"Oh...How am I suppose to tell grandpa about this?" Slowly rising back up to his feet, Robbie could only limped with what little strengthen he has and make his way back to the antique store. Though the question was how was he going to explain this to his grandfather, or rather yet should he even tell him about Drake or not...

Drake spend the next hour walking all the way from the antique store to the more peaceful, tranquil part of the neighbor of Ohio. His home is mostly empty, as his dad is working most of his life as a police officer and his mother pass away five years ago. Since he was young from grade school, most of the bigger, meaner kids would pick on him for being the son of a cop. It would have driven him to the point of dropping out of school, were it not for his friend who help him go through those tough time, Robbie.

The two were like the dynamic duo who would the other out from a jammed, and that went all the way to middle school. However, all things had to end when the two went to different schools, where it became harder for them to even visit the other home's. While Robbie focus on the goal to becoming a writer, Drake was having issue in deciding his future and later falling behind in his classes from lack of assignments turn in. The pressure grew too heavy for Drake, and it didn't become better whenever his father found out about his grades and end up into a big fight. His mother was the only one who would try to bring an end to the fight peacefully, but since her death years ago from heart disease, Drake become more darker and crueler than before.

His father had decided to give up on any fate at his son and simply decided to focus his whole life on his job. Drake soon came with the idea that if he can't pass life like any normal person, he would go as far as breaking the law his father respect more than himself, and get his way out from his personal hell forever. To do so, he spends years later from the thugs and bullies around the streets at learning how to take stuff from the weak and not get caught by the cop, including his father. To Install fear into their victims through brutality and always be one step ahead of them.

He craved that knowledge deep into his heart from that day forth, taking all kind of valuable from the weak, while polishing his skill throughout high school till he dropped out. He continues using his skill around the city and slowly hiding away his stash of illegal valuable's in his home, where even his dad had never found it. It was only miraculous that he ends up meting Robbie just a week ago, but instead of just having a friendly chat between them, Drake went up to him and began beating the living hell out on his old friend for anything he had on him. Robbie tried to call the cop, but Drake soon told him that he had dad on his side and could put charges on his family if he doesn't obey, despite the fact it was a lie.

After just today, he had bagged himself a rare and expensive artifact that was once owned by an eccentric collector of the 18th century, who made an expedition in Alaska. No one knew what happen within the frozen land, yet only the collector and a few workers return alive and brought within them a case that was filled with strange mask's. These masks were once believed to be made to mimic the ancient creatures and gods from another world, blessing each one of them with a part of their souls and granting powers beyond imagine to the wearer's. When the collector passed away, all his masks were either taken or lost, scatter across the world and remained hidden for two hundred years. Today, Drake had found one of the mask that was once owned to Robbie grandfather, and now it was his. Opening the bag, he pulled out a small, metal helmet that appear to be designed to only conceal the upper head, even hiding nose. The front of the helmet has an emblem of a cross that cover all the edges of the mask, with a set of feathers at both sides of the head. Lastly the mask is connected to a neck slip that would rest around the neck and upper shoulders. The only issues with the mask was that there is no hole for eye to see through.

"What the hell? What kind of idiot make a mask like this!?" Drake nearly shout in rage, yet tried to remain calm and think of the bright side. "Well, this may as well be useful to be place in some schmuck showcase or something. And I will be a rich man before anyone knows it."

He made his way to his bedroom and lay his body on his bed, having all kinds of plans formulating in his head. Resting his head on soft cushions, Drake could imagine himself leaving behind his old life and making his way up of the food chain in society. He no longer having to deal with his strict father, the annoying people of Ohio, and more importantly never seeing that excuse of a weak friend Robbie. Just from seeing him made his blood boiled and simply want to simply beat him into oblivion, yet he found it satisficing to just torture his former friend and make him forever hide away in fear like a coward. He really doesn't why he felt like that, but perhaps he came to hating him to having a perfect life with his lovely parents and some good grades at college, while fate simply pissed on Drake life.

Opening his eyes, he looks upon the mask that was still within his hand, the reflection of the light bounce on its surface. Gazing at the metal mask, Drake felt the urge to wear it; it wasn't like the buyer is going to be here tonight and he could give it a try, just for the laugh of it. But does he really need to? A part of himself feared wearing the mask, but his ego wouldn't let himself wuss out from a superstition fear. Rising out from bed, he moves toward a full-body mirror that shown an image of a buzz-cut style, muscular man wearing only a leather jacket and a military pants he took from his dad closet.

"If anything, this would make me like a knight from those stupid stories or something. I bet it would be more hilarious if Robbie was wearing this, while I beat the living crap out of him." He spoke, musing around the idea for his next visit with Robbie.

Drake slowly place the helmet upon his face, while positioning the neck slip around his shoulders, seeing nothing but darkness. "God, how does anyone is supposed to see with this-" As he was going to insult his mask, a flash hit his eyes to that of a solar flare. “Augh! What the fuck!!" He cried out, as the flash of light quickly vanish, yet something was different.

He was gazing at the mirror, see the helmet place on his head, yet there are still no sockets to be seen on the helmet. "W-What the hell...I can actually see through this thing?" At this second, he could hear his heart beating faster and the sensation of fear crawling up his spine. "Okay, I am not liking where this is going!"

Like any ration person do when witnessing something unusual, his first instinct was to remove the mask immediately. However, he was soon shocked to realize that the mask was stuck and was refusing to be removed. He tugged at it with all his might, yet it only hurt him more in doing so. "Gyagh! Why. Won't. This. Get. Off!!"

Soon Drake could feel the helmet heating up out of nowhere, spreading the heat beneath the mask to his face. The heat strangely felt so warmed and peaceful, covering every inch of his skin in is soothing heat. He slowly stops trying to tug hard on the mask, eventually giving up and simply gazing at the mirror, trying to relax as the pulsations grew more and more intense. 

Breathing heavy due to the strange heat, Drake thought to himself, “Huynh, you know...I don't think this can't get any-Uh!" The heat that cover his whole body suddenly got intensive within him, seething right into his muscle and bone. The sensation became unbearable to him and cried out in pain, his organ's feeling like being boiled alive.

“Agh! Oh God! Auaaahhh dahhh!" Placing one hand to the wall beside the mirror to stand himself, he still looks at himself through his reflection, shaking non-stop as if his body was being hit with an earthquake. "Gyagh!! My body...W-What the fuck!! AAGHH!!”

Gritting his teeth, he could only withstand the pain and watch his body bucking up and down, as all his bones staring to move around his skin with 'snapped' and 'popped' noise. “Hyah! Ohhh fuck! This can't be-!! Graaggh!!”  Drake cried out in horror and agony.

He could feel every part of his bones be pulled and break repeatedly in each of his limbs. He witnesses his both of his arms cracking and reforming to shout out towards an extra few inch's. He could feel his elbows pop into various positions as everything around them to be increase in length. “Agh God! My arms!! Their being-! AAAH!”  The pain was becoming harder to ignore for Drake for each second’s pass. The toned biceps that he works to bully the weak for year were being sucked away, pulling and dwindling along with his changing limbs. To someone who came love to be better and muscular that everyone, it was now becoming a nightmare for him. "Nooo!! Fucking no way! This can't be ha-h-happening! Auaaahhh!!”  Drake was having harder time seeing straight from the pain, while any remaining muscles or mass in his arms soon disappear. His hands vibrated violently, being compressed and soften to a feminine appearance, while losing all the scars and bruised he had from hitting people often. Each of his fingers slowly crawling in length towards a more sexual boney visage, his nails length longer and painted white. Once a hill of biceps and muscles, now looked like a set of enticing lean appendages, his tanned skin has been replaced with the color of white snow.

"Jesus!! Make it stop, hah, ha, someone make it-Wuaaahh!!” Despite knowing that he was alone in the house, he was desperate to ask any help now. The muscles in his legs were following the same changes as his arms, as thick muscles were being pulled away and slowly fading away. “Ohhh!!! Gwuahhh!!” Drake could already feel his legs start to tremble from lack of strength. His bare feet cracked and snapped as his small ankles poked out slightly and his arches rose with a little more prominence. His toes were shrinking as well, screaming for each toe popped and snapped into a smaller form, while all the nails were painted white. Drake just looked down and was shocked to see his legs were now considerably thinner compared to their previous selves. "Argh!! Why is this happening to me!? Why did I put on that fucking mask!??"

Drake had no time to make any more complains about his action, as he could already feel the heat focusing only on his back, bracing for whatever is about to happen. “Augh, aaahhh!!! FUCK!!” Drake roar from the top of his lung, imagining Bane snapped his back with only his knee. His chest pushed out considerably, Drake’s spine gaining massive curvature. "Eeeaagggh uhhhhh! Haaahh!!” Drake move farther from the mirror, since his spine gained more length and made him look taller. From the pass few minutes, his whole body was become too much for his clothing to hang on, his leather jacket and pants looking too small for his larger, yet thinned body. With his face conceal by the helmet, people could mistake him for a tall, feminine woman, though lacking much sex appeal and having a flat chest.

"H-Help", croaked Drake, his breathing becoming shallow and cried out in desperation. "Uhh...Someone, me...'. His words echoed down the empty halls of outside his room, yet had forgotten that he was all alone.

With the pain becoming too much for his mind to handle, Drake to closed his eyes in exhaustion and collapsed to the cold, wooden floor. As the world around him turn into darkness, a ray of light shined down and felt like his spiritual being was being drifted out from his body, floating all the way into the clouds. Flying closer to one of the cloud's, he notices that an image of his life was being shown within it; one was about him breaking into an old lady house to steal her pearl's. Another cloud shown a picture of him kicking a sick puppy out from it home. Next was an image of beating one of his class mate's and sending him to an emergency room. All the images that kept flashing before him were showing all his evil deeds in his life. "What in the hell is all this!? It like this place is filled with all my memories in life." He could only go on watching witness all kinds of evil deeds throughout his whole life, most notably was how he treated his old friend Robbie so horribly. When Drake saw Robbie, he wanted to talk to him like old times, yet instead he chose to bully and beat the living hell out of him. Yet even see such things he has done, a person would be disgusted by their actions; yet this only made him more annoyed in seeing these memories. "This is just getting stupid now, I don't need a reminder of what I did just today. Is there an exist out of here or something?”

But before he could even figure out the answer to his question, a shadowy figure emerged out from the clouds and revealed to be a gigantic version of the metal mask standing before him, radiantly with holy light. "Do you not see the error of your way," question the heavenly voice of a woman, emitting from the giant helmet. "Your life has been filled with heinous crimes of corruption, greed and cruelty. You have brought ruination and despair upon your victims and not even care how you left them traumatize for life, including your old friend.”

“So you’re the one causing this whole mess on me? I think I get what your whole plan is; I was a bad person do terribly things since middle school, and so you go showing my whole life just so it this would open my eyes and convinced me to change my way in a heartbeat.  But guess what, I ain’t buying that shit! So either you get out of my mind, or I’m going to make you leave.”

Just then a bolt of lightning strike down close toe Drake, causing any bravo he had before to faded away. “Arrogant mortal! By my duty for Heaven and for trying to threaten an celestial being, you should be brought in to judgement and be punish for your evil deeds with death...But then you wouldn’t had learn your lesson and all that which you had caused harmed will stay permeant. So instead, I shall remove all trace of the corruption inside of you, while awaken your pure self and transformed you into my image.  "

Drake was unable to even come to understand all the crazy things that is happening to him, yet hearing that last sentence really push him over the edge. “What, it wasn’t bad enough you made my body look like a woman, now you want to turn me into some 'mister nice angel' or something!? There is no way in hell that I would-“ But just before he could finish a sentence, a huge wave of light shined through the clouds and cover the man whole being into it. The shadows that was underneath him was burned away, representing the evil that lay within him, while Drake simply gave himself to the warmth of the light and vaporize within it.

Back in the real world, the mask on Drake face began to unleash a bright, white glow that caused Drake to cry out loud, but not of pain. “Hyuh, gaahh... ho-ho-holy shiiit!!” His whole body was now being filled with new, surging energy that was being transfer from the helmet, suppressing away the sensation of pain and turning them to pure, blissful pleasures. Just minutes ago, he was unable to even lifted himself back up on his feet with what little his muscle he retains; but now a new kind of power was giving him the strength to raise back up, without even relaying on muscles to do so.

“Hngh, hah! S-So much power! Gah! Hoh, oh my body! It’s feel so good!”  It became harder for Drake to even to think properly, his mind being filled with lustful desire, while his dick pitching a tent in his pant, before his button was undone and expose itself to the world. Just the sight of his large appendage already made his body to exploded new hormones and release a scream of ecstasy with hot breath showing.

Unknown to Drake, all his body hairs were burned away and left behind beautifully clear and snow-white skin. Meanwhile, new strand of hairs burst forth from the former buzz-haircut, as soft, golden locks overwhelmed his natural brown strands and flowed down and over his body, stretching all the way from his neck to his back. Underneath the helmet, his eyebrows trimmed and change color to match his golden lock, yet will never be seen by anyone else.

Drake could feel his face being reshaping beneath his mask now, growing to match his body and chiseling towards a more feminine, super model appearance. The only noticeable changes that can be seen was the lower part of his face, as his chin became sharpened out, while his jaw starting to loss little mass to give a perfect, rounded look. The last changes had to his lips becoming puffed and puckered considerably, adjusting themselves, before reforming into a very full shape, complete with a glossy shade of rosy red. “Uuhhh, ooh, fuck! I-It feel amazing! Mmmm.” Drake couldn't even tell that his cries now sounded like feminine moans, for his neck thinned and his Adam apple was suck away seconds ago. His voice now sounded just like the mysterious woman that could soothe a savage beast to sleep peacefully.

Already more energy was flowing within his body, causing his waist to caved inward, his muscular abs trimmed into a tone, flawless stomach. “Oh, fuck yes! Ahn heh hah! Mmmhah, uuuhhhh!” His hips had some width to them now, bones being seen beneath the surface of the skin on his sides below his now trimmed flat waist.  He had lost quite a bit of mass, his stomach going flatter and flatter as he felt his abs fading into his body. All the remaining fat's move toward the hip, each second the hip bone expended outward till it gave Drake an hourglass figure. At last the straining pant could no longer contain his new figure and in an instant shredded to piece, exposing his lower body to be expose to the world. Simply tracing his hand from his slime waist to his hip let a purred of pleasure out from his lips.

As her power intensified with him, Drake failed to notice that his once dark, tough personality was already been replace by a more kind, innocence persona, with only few portion of his 'darkness' hiding within his soul. In a way, he knows who he is and has his memories, yet he was now becoming another person at the same time, while having different kind of information filling his changing mind, including with a new purpose. "Ahh! I'm close...close to being free. Just need to... Gahhh!!"

Just then his legs were hit with a surge of pleasure, for his legs bloated out with cushy fat, unable to resist stroking her soft thighs between her erected dick." Uhn, mmmmmm yes! Ohhh, hyah! Ohhhh uhnnnn…yessss!!” The bones in his legs cracked and popped to gaining an extra few inches, becoming up to 8 feet tall. She then shivered and grit her on her teeth, as she felt a tugging in her rear. She looked over her shoulder just to see newfound fats and muscles started to pulse and shift into her butt cheeks, pushed outwards into becoming big and soft by the like of water balloons. Aroused by her new assets, Drake gripped 'her' ass and thrust out her hips, now becoming so intoxicated by her new figures. "Yesss!! Give me more!! Free me from the flaws and corruption of men!! Ohhh...Uooohh!!”

All the surging heat that was spread throughout the body now surging toward her soft chest, causing Drake to leant forward and gasped in pleasure. She quickly remove the last shred of her clothing, exposing her bare chest just to see the changes happening right before her eyes. She looked down gingerly as her areolas grew strangely lighter and expanded, her sexual moans only heightened from the sensation. Drake quickly began to tug and fondle her sensitive nipples, enjoying the surmounting feelings of ecstasy, while a low gurgling sound emitted from her upper body as milk and fat pooled together. "“Ohhhh gaaawd, yess! Grow, grow more. Make me stronger and beautiful!! AAHHHH!!!” With a sudden surge, her breasts pushed out, rising and out of her soft chest like two mounds of jiggly flesh. Trying to retain her carnal screams, Drake gripped her breasts tightly as they pulsed and rose to an even bigger size. As she massaged the white mounds between her fingers, it wasn't before liquid of milks burst from her nipples and drip down the floor below. "Daooh! Auhh ahnnnnn!! Ohhhh uhn yes! So much milk, awwh!" Sighing blissfully, Drake released her bosoms, allowing her large C cup breasts to hang free.

"Ah. I can feel it, I'm getting close to being my true self", said the changed Drake, whose voice held such refined and angelic tone. "All that left now is to expel the remaining impurities from within me and then transcend beyond mortal." Looking down pass her huge breasts and amazing hourglass curves, she can see the remnant of her former, mortal self-laying between her thighs. Her male rode bulged with instinctive excitement, preparing to unleash all its contents. Seeing what little was of her old self, she held no regret or shamed at the image of who she once was; she only pitted the old 'Drake' for simply getting lost and walk down the wrong path. But now, it was time to cut her ties with the mortal world and become what she was meant to be, by committing one last sinful act of pleasure. She reached her hand down and grasped the shaft in her hand firmly. In response, Diana's penis stiffened and expanded in her hand, causing the former human to shudder with immense pleasure. "Ahh!! Begone, evil that lay dormant within me! BEGONE FOREVER!!"

Instinctively, she began to caress her human length, quivering as waves of pleasure erupted from her groin. Stroking it harder and harder, she eventually squeezed her manhood hard that caused her to squeal in the final moment of her release. "OOOOOHGAAAAAWW!!!" She cried in arousal, thrusting her manly hips forward as strings of semen flew from her tip. As the last of seeds drip of from her rode, she moaned as she tilted her head back, basking in the afterglow of her release. Her crotch then began to glow brightly, witness the last of her manhood slowly receded within her body as a nub, before being sucked in and reconfigured as a shaved clit. Her hips soon burst out more, making room for the newly formed reproduction organ within her. She took a minute to relax after going through such gruesome, yet erotic transformation and slowly compose herself; however, she knew that the changes were far from over and thus know what to do next.

Bracing herself, the former Drake bent over in intense delight as she felt holy energy surging channel through her, attempting to bring out her full power to the surface. Soon a set of mounds appear on her back, pushing against the skin to it tearing point, something large and growing tried to break free from her back. "Ahh, hyaahhh! Th-They are coming out!! Gawww!!" At last, she gave shuddering groan as a set of huge, feathery wings like appendages burst right out and extended from out her back. At first it only appears to be two, pink wings that stretch outward about thirteen feet's from her body, yet more wings soon emerged out and end up with four set of wings, representing her statues and powers as an "Ultimate". As all eight wings settled into their new positions on her back, the flow of divine powers become more stable and the erotic flames finally fading away.

"Ohhh…It gone. The evil that has lock away what little goodness for years has now been expelled. Finally, I'm free." Her voice almost sound delightful, for her very being was filled with so much compassion and love, while having not a single stain of corruption in her. Drake Mortimer, the man who very soul was smothered of darkness, had cease to existence. The only remnant of him was the goodness that had now taken the form of a holy angel, all thanks to the divine helmet. Yet it didn't take her long to notice that she was in the complete nude, yet there wasn't any sign of embarrassment or shamed on her expression, only in a state of composure. "But before I do anything, I first must find a new attire for my new form, else it would be undignified to go out like this."

Immediately, a patch of golden stardust began appearing over her chest, then seconds later they started to duplicate and spread, covering her entire body. The first to be rematerialize was the part that cover her breasts turning into a golden, metal breastplates that look like feathers, leaving the rest of her upper chest (along with the top and sides of the breasts) and back to be exposed. The rest of her torso was soon cover in white, leather material that even conceal her womanhood, yet exposing only her smooth belly and upper part of her hip to be shown; as it stops from going to right leg, the left was completely cover in leather and a golden ring place on top of her ankle with strange symbols. Around her waist were two black, leather belts with metal rings over her stomach, while two black belts cover her expose right leg. A pair of high-heel shoes cover her feet, yet one was early cover in feathers, while the other had black laces and a black belt around the side of the feet. Soon the last of the stardust's cover her left arm, becoming a white glove that stretch pass her elbow, while also have a set of small wings around her wrist. Out from the thin air, a pink coat lay on top of her shoulders, with the same symbol inscribed at it, covering her right arm around it, and at the edges are made of the same feathers materials.

Without say another word, the angelic woman spread out her wings and flew through the ceiling, leaving a giant hole in it place. High above in the sky, she can look down on the mortal world and every action mankind are doing right now, either doing good or bad. However, there was only one person she had her sight on now, seeing the young man Robbie now departing out of the antique store. She remembers how horribly she was toward this human today and now needed to help this poor creature out as to mend the human spirit, while also at least tell him the truth about her feelings she had for him, even if that isn't how divine beings like herself should be feeling toward a human. But she feels that she can't fulfil her duty as celestial angel if she can't even fix the wrongs she has done to this mortal and slowly descended downward to the ground.

Meanwhile, Robbie closed the door and walk back to the same alleyway, where he last met with his old 'ex-friend' Drake. It was hard for him to understand how someone who used to play tag or always be there to help him out, just appear before weeks ago, walking straight at him and start beating Robbie like hell. Then he forces him to take some rare artifacts from his grandfather shop and still went on beating him for fun. It was like seeing someone you cared become a villain, and you have no idea how to help them. usually, someone would quickly turn in the criminal to the police for justice, yet in truth the young man only wanted to help his old friend, even if he didn't want it. "Drake, is there nothing I can do to help you?"

"There is no need to help me, Robbie." The mature, heavenly voice caught the young man by surprise, turning his head toward the source of the voice. Gazing upward, Robbie gasp at the sight of what he could only describe "most beautiful woman" floated right at him with four set of wings, while concealing her face behind a helmet. It didn't take long for her to carefully landed right next, and from a closer look notice that she was taller than him.

"Wh-Who, or rather what are you? And how do you know my name?" His tone was a mix of fear from the sight of her wings, yet at the same time shyness for seeing her rather attractive figures.

The angelic woman slowly made her way to him, her hips swing that made Robbie blush in excitement. Finally, within reach, she moves her left hand on Robbie shoulder, while the other hand caress his face with such compassion. "Robbie, you had met me here hours ago, when I..." She hesitant for a moment, as if fearing of just saying the words, but knew she had to finish it. "... When I last beat you here and took the mask, promising to see you again next week for another beating." Just the mere mention of that event made Robbie leap away in shocked.

"No...No way! Drake!? What happen to you!?" The woman understood at how Robbie was feeling now, and trying to move closer again would only make thing weirder, so she chose decided to remain still for the time being.

"It all happen when I wore the mask, not knowing that it held such divine powers beyond mankind imagining. The helmet purges all sign of wickedness and evil from every fiber of my being, while what little goodness I had left alter my mortal body and I transcend into a new plan of existence. As of now, I am no longer the man, in literal term, who once done such heinous crimes and actions; I have now become the very symbol of the seven virtues of heaven, a holy guardian to protect mankind from the darkness."

"...So then, are you still Drake inside or not," question Robbie, who couldn't help but be nervous around her. It hard enough to believe if somehow Drake had a quick change of heart from today, but to completely be transformed into a holy being, especially a female one at that by some mask his grandfather had for over a decade.

"Although I possess all his memories, there isn't any trace of his old desires or twisted personality that reside within me. You can say that I was reborn from what purity he barely had, without any trace of his corruption or mortal flaws."

"But then what do you want with me? Isn't that the only reason you came back, just to tell me that you are a literate different person after what you did to me?" Though the helmet hides away her facial expression, Robbie could tell how she truly felt the moment he heard hard soft, melancholy tone come out from her soft lips.

"Robbie...There something I had always wanted to say, yet the old me couldn't do it due to the fear and hatred that caged away the real me," she spoke honest, while moving closer once more within Robbie space. "You were the only person care for me when I was young and lost my mother, you played with me when no one else would. Robbie, I'm so sorry for the things I have done to you, and I would understand if you wish to never see me again, but let me say you the words I always wanted to say; I love you, Robbie."

Robbie was taken back such an astonishing truth, even his expression was literal frozen. In each passing second, Robbie tried to think of a way to respond to such a shocking revelation; should he be disgusted, outrage by how he was treated before, run away from the madness, act nervous by the sudden confession, simply be amazed and so on. In the moment to see how the former Drake was doing, he witnesses a trail of tears dripping out from the woman helmet, showing just how much she truly cared toward him. In that very moment, he didn't need words to express how he truly feel about the situation; he moves closer to the heavenly angel, wrapping both his hands around her body, while laying his head just above her marvelous breasts. The woman was surprise by Robbie action, yet she couldn't help but move her lips to form a generous smile, place both her arms around him as well, along with her wings covering Robbie body in affection. Minutes afterward, the angel lifted Robbie with both hands, preparing herself before launching up into the nightly sky, showing Robbie the wonders through her eyes and vowing to be together forever...

Epilogue-Three Months Later:

A group of thugs ran down pass an alleyway, with a couple duffel bags held in each of their hands. The criminals all move to a nearby by construction zone, where an old building was in the processing of being teared down by construction workers.

"Where is she!? Is she still behind us," cried one of the thugs, his hand shaking crazy with the gun in hold.

"I just can't believe what we just witness; I thought it was just a stupid rumor about some crazy chick just wearing a cosplay of an angel, not to be a real, freaking one! I think we should just turn us in and avoid getting divine punishment." As the second thug was about to put down the gun, the third thug came in and punch straight at the guy face in annoyance.

"Shut it, both of you idiot's! It matters not if that was a real angel or not, we got away in the end and we can spend all that on my-"

"Celestial Arrow!" Just then a bolt of holy energy in a shape of an arrow flew pass the group and strike at the building, causing such destructive explosion that the building was resulted into a pile of ashes. The group of criminals slowly turned their head toward where the arrow came from, spotted a woman floating in the air with eight wings, while she was using a bow that using the wings on her glove as limbs, while another arrow is ready to be fire.

"Oh God, no! It her, it Angewomon!!" Just the sight of the angel caused thug number one to fall to his knee in become defeated, while thug number two simply panic around in fear.

"It over, vile villains of the underworld," cried out Angewomon, her bow aimed straight at them. "Turn yourself to the authority, or would you like to have another test of my divine power!?" It wasn't even a chose for the criminals, after seeing what she did to the building with such power, thus all three to go down on the floor and stay like that till the police. The thugs tried to tell them what had happen, yet none of the officers could believe that an 'angel' actually stop them and toss the story aside as nonsense.

Angewomon left before the polices arrived, as it was better for people to think of her as a rumor then the real deal, caused she hated the idea of being follow and flashed at by paparazzi's. After her rebirth as "Angewomon", she decided to leave her old home and has been spending her whole day helping everyone who are in danger or to stop threats like the thugs. As for her father, she was surprise that he take everything so easily, actually coming to accept the more kinder, compassion person she has become now and wish her well with her mission to saving mankind. She has been also been going through a relationship with Robbie since that night, though sometime she wonders if this was consider okay to do, as she was meant to be pure and a virgin, yet it might be some part of Drake still alive in her and say it okay to have some fun. She already has another date for tonight with Robbie, as she deserves a momentary break from fighting against all kinds of crimes and danger. And perhaps afterward, the two can enjoy such pleasurable active again like they did last month.

But far from where the event occur, a dark figure lay away in an alleyway, with only two set of red, menacing eyes gazing out from the shadow, and a giant claw emerging out with an unconscious, human man in it grasp. The man appear to be drain of life, looking as pale and skinny than how natural humans should be, while also appearing to have no pants or underwear to conceal his manhood. This creature stops what it was doing when it senses a holy attack nearby, indicated that her 'enemy' has finally reveal itself. "Hehe, he he...I just found myself something very intriguing. Hope she be better than this piece of trash. Ha hah ha..."

The Celestial Ascendant (Angewoman TG TF)
A punk from the street take a rare artifact from his old friend in the attempt to sell it for cash. However, he became too curious about the mask and decided to wear it, only to witness the error of his way and be reborn as a celestial being from the heaven.

A bit of warning before reading the story, there are going to be some mature content in the transformation and some may not like it, if you not a fan of TG (Gender Bender). If you like TG, then read it at your own peril.

This story is a fan sequel of :iconwavercd: "Role Reversal" and "Achieved Divinity" stories - please read it and all his other amazing works too! I also gave some origin to where the masks came from, though some were already take long ago and given to tribes (Achieved Divinity), and some that remained hidden till they were mistaken as Halloween masks (Role Reversal).

P.S.: If you guys saw the epilogue, than you can guess that we are now going to see a another transformation that is the opposite from this one. ;)
A happy Valentine Days for everyone who has a special someone in their life and wish their love to flourish! :love:

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